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Within a new-age nuisance, CLUB BRAT asks: Why Not Now? To quote Punk legend Don Zientara (Foo Fighters, Fugazi), CLUB BRAT “have the energy of a locomotive and can REALLY put it into song!”
Currently based in Bristol & London, CLUB BRAT has been described by AMPED as “demands attention and stands poised to make a significant impact as a band.”

Forming in 2022, frontman and former Gogglebox star IKE describes CLUB BRAT as “channelling against the disillusionment and stigmatisation of modern living.” With a refreshing mix of enigmatic yet vivacious sounds, CLUB BRAT paraphrase themselves as a “charged-up Punk band that incorporates heavy influence from Drum ‘N’ Bass & Noise Pop.” Showcasing their discontent with following the current-day façade, Shift singled out CLUB BRAT as “purveyors of Nuisance Pop.” With a second single and a run of UK dates commencing on the tail-end of November, CLUB BRAT have an exciting future ahead.