Janus Stark, ANA (from Hamburg) & The Petrol Boys

Janus Stark are back with a vengeance ! , and they are inviting their friends ANA (a.k.a. Ana Drinks Dogs Piss) from Hamburg to play with them, as well as The Petrol Boys who will kick off the evening.
ANADRINKSDOGSPISS were founded in 2000.

ANA’s songs makes you feel something. You can see the old 90s Punk Rock growing up in them without turning out as grandpa rock. Andres voice is one of the best singing voices I’ve ever heard. Their songs are all different to each other but all on a very specific sound. They have a lot influences from bands like Social Distortion to bands like the Lillingtons or Lucero. And they are able to write hits like ‘Dreams on the rocks’, ‘Favor’ or ‘Down’.  When these guys hit the stage, you can won’t be disappointed.
Hear ANA on Spotify here:

The Petrol Boys
Massively talented three piece punk/hip-hop/reggae band from Peterborough . Songwriting influences from Bad Brains, Living Colour , Black Flag ETC
Note: Very good breeding 😉