Bar Menu

How to order

In Charters Bar, order from the bar staff, if the weather is good and you are outside, order from East Restaurant (upstairs). Your food will be brought to you promptly.

1. Massaman Pulled Beef N £7.50 nuts
Slow-cooked beef in a rich Thai curry with onions and roasted peanuts in a sesame seed bun, served with Thai fries

2. Spicy Thai Sausage Roll £6.50 Chilli
Northern Thai-style pork sausage in a white roll, lettuce, carrot and coriander, served with Thai fries

3. Tempura Prawns Wrap £7.50
Japanese style prawns tempura in a tortilla with lettuce, carrot and wasabi cream, served with Thai fries

4. Crispy Chilli Beef Pitta £6.50 Chilli
Slices of tender marinated beef, shallow fried until crispy, tossed in a crushed chilli pepper sauce, served with Thai fries.

5. Thai Beef Burger £6.50
Flavoured lean burger with spicy creamy sauce, lettuce, onions and cucumber, served with Thai fries

6. Singapore Chicken Pitta £6.50
(V option with vegetables)
A rich chicken curry with turmeric and spices in a pitta, served with Thai fries

7. Malaysian Chicken Satay Wrap £6.50
Chicken marinated and grilled in Indonesian spice, wrapped in a flour tortilla, with lettuce and cucumber, served with Thai fries

8. Aromatic Duck Wrap £6.95
Crispy duck flavoured with hoi sin sauce, wrapped in a tortilla, with cucumber and spring onions, served with Thai fries

9. Thai Fries £2.95
Spicy potato wedges served with a sweet chilli dip

10. Prawn Crackers £2.50
Spicy prawn crackers served with a sweet chilli dip

Two Course Lunch Menu £10.95


Panang Satay

Creamy Wasabi Vegetable Tempura V Duck Spring Rolls

Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings

Sweet Corn Croquettes V

Sesame Prawns on Toast

Sun-dried Beef

Main Courses

Served with Jasmine fragranced rice unless otherwise stated

Gang Gari Gai Chilli
Chicken, potato and onions slow cooked in a turmeric and curry sauce sprinkled with crispy fried onion

Pork Curry with bamboo shoots and fine beans* Chilli
Succulent pork curry with bamboo shoots

Chicken with Red Wine Sauce
Crispy coated chicken wok-fried with pepper, onion and rice wine.

Peppered Pork with Crispy Garlic
Pork marinated, cooked until tender sprinkled with 
crispy garlic and placed on a bed of spring greens

Pad Mea Roast Chicken
Egg noodles, bean sprouts and carrot with Thai roast chicken tossed in sesame seeds and served with chefs special sauce

Spicy Pork Noodles Chilli
Egg noodles stir-fried with pork and seasoning with spicy homemade sauce

Pad Thai Chicken (a complete meal) nuts
Thai noodles stir-fried with chicken, king prawns, sweet radish, tamarind, bean sprouts, egg and peanuts

Grilled Pork with Coconut Rice
Grilled pork on a bed of coconut rice served with cucumber and crispy onion

Indonesian Rice Chilli
Rice fried with prawns, chicken, egg and Indonesian spices and Kaffir lime leaves

nuts = may contain traces of nuts
veggie = vegetarian
Chilli = mildly spicy
Chilli Chilli = medium spiced

Lunch service:

12:00-2:30pm Mon-Sat 12:00-3:30pm Sun (buffet)